The Prime Example – New Orleans, LA

We had a special show at the Prime Example April 6, 2017. We took the opportunity to share new music with New Orleans. So far so good. New music coming soon! We invite to watch our Kennedy Show performance found below and to stay in touch as updates will arrive soon.

– The Bridge Trio

Live from Washington D.C. – Millennium Stage – The Kennedy Center

available now img

– Offbeat Magazine “The Search: Departure, a solid follow-up to its impressive 2012 self-titled debut.”

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 Download our first album (feat. Donald Harrison and Davell Crawford) HERE

first album cover drop shaddow

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  1. I saw you at the Kennedy Center last night. Phenomenal! I am a Millennium Stage regular; your performance exceeded all exceptions. You all are awesome composers. Your music will be around for years.


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