The Search: Departure


Still rooted in tradition, The Bridge Trio: pianist Conun Pappas, Jr., bassist Max Moran, and drummer Joe Dyson embarks on another journey of musical expansion on “The Search: Departure,” released April 24, 2015. Following their eponymous debut album in 2012, the trio explores new sonic ground in their 13 original compositions. Expanding on the foundation of rich history and variety, “The Search: Departure” reaches for the next level in grooves infused with funk, blues, and swing.

As an homage to Alvin Batiste, a former New Orleans mentor, Pappas’ “Hipness” features resemblances of Batiste’s 2007 melody “The Latest.” “Hipness” begins as a medium groove, but progressively moves up in tempo to conclude into a rapid swing. Moran’s “Warrior” is a contemplative song dedicated to the spirit of perseverance in each of us. It is melancholy, while at the same time up-lifting, bringing to mind the struggles of everyday life and the courage that one must possess to act in spite of one’s obstacles. Dyson’s Ode to Black was written to pay homage to one of the brilliant drummers and composers of New Orleans, James Black. The song captures Black’s fierce momentous spirit and represents the resilience of the people he embodies. Additionally, the trio takes production liberties with synthesizers (“Access Approved” and “Keep Cool”) and layers (“Warrior” and “The Smile Within”).

The Bridge Trio garnered acclaim in high school while performing with the late Alvin Batiste and in college with saxophonist Donald Harrison. Now with an international presence and NPR Heavy Rotation acknowledgment under their belt, “The Search: Departure” embodies their progress and celebrates the story ahead.

The Search: Departure
Track list:
1 Access Approved (Conun Pappas)
2 Rise (Conun Pappas)
3 Warrior (Max Moran)
4 Hipness (Conun Pappas)
5 Ode to Black(Joe Dyson)
6 Real (Conun Pappas)
7 Forever Changed (Joe Dyson)
8 The Search (Conun Pappas)
9 The Encourager (Conun Pappas)
10 Wondering (Max Moran)
11 Keep Cool (Conun Pappas)
12 To New Orleans (Conun Pappas)
13 The Smile Within (Conun Pappas)